Eq Yoga

A classic approach to a mind and body union focussing on breath and awareness through gentle movement patterning of a time honoured yoga tradition. Peaceful tranquility awaits in your private studio and sets a foundation for deep relaxation and relief of chronic stress and pain and an understanding of how the body can establish equilibrium through meditation of movement. 

Sharon's therapeutic training combined with over 15 years of teaching yoga, have given her a unique perspective on the benefits of yoga. Her knowledge of the energetic balance between the nervous system and facial body allows for the practice of yoga to become both restorative and strengthening.

If you have ever wondered what it feels like to be relaxed, calm and physically empowered then this yoga is a great fit for you.

Offered one to one and in small private classes of *2-6 people (*eg: running / cycling clubs, couples, golf/tennis clubs, friends)

$60 / hour

$80 - group